Black & White Planter With Brass Stand (Set of 2)

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  • Dimension : White Pot Diameter: 10 cm(4 Inch),  H: 17.5 cm(7 Inch)
  • Dimension : Black Pot Diameter: 15 cm (6 Inch),  H: 25 cm (10 Inch)
  • Material: Brass, Aluminium with Static Paint
  • Beautiful Brass Planter Best Suitable for Home Decor, Living Room, Table Decor, Garden Decor, Office Decor.
  • Care Instructions: Do not plant directly into the pot always use a liner. When watering the plant remove the liner from inside the planter, water it in the sink and then let it drain completely before replacing it back. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products.
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